Sunday, July 18, 2010


Mr Rosli Zakaria, Director of Terengganu State Communications Unit when responding to questions from guests who attended the briefing.

Just browse through the activated blogs in this competition and you will see that it is being updated by the minutes as participants try to meet the minimum 75 articles until the deadline for submission of entries on September 30, 2010.

Even if some participants had an early start and registered their blogs when the competition was launched on April 1, 2010, it does not mean that they have a clear advantage over the late entry.

We had to extend the deadline for activating the registered blogs as some participants, especially those waiting the very final minutes to activate their blogs, because many participants were complaining about the heavy traffic.

It is expected and it is typical of us to wait until the last minute, hoping to get some attention from the organiser. But we have to draw a line and decided that the July 14 deadline is final.

And it does not take an expert blogger to observe that each and every participants in this competition are learning fast to improve their entry – be they the early birds or the late comers.

The quality of entries are getting better by the day and the level of creativity is outstanding. The judges, we believe are going to have a difficult time looking for the winners. But that is what makes this competition exciting and worth following.

The most important thing about this competition is that information about Terengganu is being passed on to surfers worldwide who may just be lurkers now, but with so many exciting personal experience and places to explore in Terengganu from the participating bloggers, we are confident that they will one day make a bee-line visiting Terengganu.

Keep up the good work and some of you may eventually become winners by Novermber this year!

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